Design Roundup is a weekly collection of design resources, curated by Dan Edwards.


Why Design Roundup?

I started Design Roundup because, quite simply, I love a curated list, I love design and I love new things.

I’ve been collecting design resources for years, however these were mostly kept in my bookmarks or shared on Twitter occasionally, Design Roundup is a way for me to continue to get excited about great new products and share them with you!


About me

I’ve just started a new adventure! I’m now helping shape how makers share and discover products at Product Hunt. Previously I was Creative Director at No Divide, a design studio I co-founded in 2014.

You can check out what I'm currently working on over at Dribbble. Read what I’m talking about in 240 characters or less on Twitter, and longer on Medium.

In-between that I enjoy taking photographs and I share these on Instagram or Exposure.

I also enjoy giving talks on design & creativity, you can find out more about that over here.